Laurie Guidry, Psy.D

Sexual Violence Prevention Through Sex Offender Management

Dr. Laurie Guidry is a licensed clinical psychologist who is dedicated to the prevention and elimination of sexual violence and sexual abuse. In service to that aim, her practice offers a number of sexual offender management services including consultation, assessment, clinical supervision and a range of training/educational forums.

"The very word 'Sex Offender' evokes in most of us a powerful, visceral, negative reaction that conjures up a multitude of disturbing images, strong emotions and justifiably fearful and angry responses. As valid as these reactions are to the not-to-be-tolerated acts perpetrated by sexual abusers, it is imperative that in order to end the

unacceptable level of sexual violence that exists in our society today, we must not merely react but act; and indeed act in the most effective and informed ways that will serve to actually decrease the incidence of sexual abuse, increase public safety and facilitate healing and recovery on every level.

I am deeply committed to actualizing the hope of NO MORE VICTIMS. As such, I have come to recognize my obligation to not only assist survivors in their recovery from sexual abuse, but to work in as many efficacious ways as possible to get perpetrators to stop their sexually violating behavior. It is in service of both these goals that I offer my clinical expertise...”

~Laurie Guidry, Psy.D

Stop Sexual Violence