Laurie Guidry, Psy.D

Sex Offender Consultation

Dr. Laurie Guidry is a sex offender consultant offering services designed to examine, inform and guide an effective response to a range of sex offender-related concerns including clinical, systemic and ethical issues that can arise within:

• Mental health agencies and other organizational systems
• Individual sexual offender cases

Sex offender consultation services for multi-disciplined mental health agencies and organizational systems can serve to facilitate the establishment and implementation of more effective, efficient and informed clinical and risk management responses and policies to address the multi-dimensional challenges that sex offenders present in these settings.

Sex offender consultation services for individuals offers analysis of and recommendations for individual case issues as derived from a clinically and systemically informed conceptual context for both non-impaired sex offenders as well as those with co-morbid challenges including, but not limited to, chronic mental illness, developmental disabilities and other clinical challenges.

Consultation services can include:

  • Examination of existing practices and/or clinical approaches.
  • Recommendations for refined or alternative strategies.
  • Development of tailored assessment, treatment and risk management procedures.
  • Specialized protocol design as needed.
  • Identification and resolution of gaps in training and staff skill set.
  • Review and resolution of systemic barriers to efficacy.



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